Sussex Timber Products Ltd.

Offices & Cabins

The Offices and Cabins are available in the apex roof type, with two types of cladding - T&G Shiplap and T&G Loglap. All fixtures and fittings, fixings, roofing felt and glass are included for D.I.Y installation. Prices are listed below, if you would like us to install your office or cabin for you. Extra heavy duty bearers are also available if required.

Office and Cabin Features:

  • 2"x1½"(50mm x 38mm) framing used throughout.
  • 19mm or 22mm thick cladding.
  • Door hung on 3 't' hinges and secured with pad-bolt & turnbuckles.
  • Factory treated with spirit based treatment.

Options Available:

  • Additional heavy duty floor bearers.
  • Verandah.
  • Installation service.
  • Base/groundwork service.


  • Apex eaves height: 6'0" (1830mm).
  • Apex ridge height: 7'0" (2130mm).
  • Framing: 2"x1½"(50mm x 38mm) softwood.
  • Shiplap cladding: ex.19mm softwood T&G Shiplap (finished at 16mm).
  • Loglap cladding: ex.22mm softwood T&G Loglap (finished at 19mm).
  • Door: 3'0"(900mm) x 5'9"(1800mm) glazed doors.
  • Floor & roof: ex.16mm softwood T.G.V. on 50mm x 38mm joists.

All buildings are made to order. All quoted 'standard' sizes and prices are for general guidance only, and do not refer to any specific building. The information provided does not constitute, nor constitute any part of, an offer or contract.

Building sizes quoted are solely for convenience and should not be considered accurate. Please contact us for exact sizes before carrying out any base work. Unless stated as 'finished', as is the industry 'norm', timber sizes are nominal, i.e. before machining.