Sussex Timber Products Ltd.

Timber Building Installation

We have been in the Timber Building business for a long time. From experience we know that whilst the installation of small garden buildings may be within the bounds of the competent diy'er, larger projects can be bulky and awkward to install.

Take advantage of our own specialised installation team and let us do the work for you.

We rarely ever make two building the same, examples of the many and varied can be seen in our Timber Building Installation Gallery.

After our groundwork team have finished 'their bit', it is the turn of the installation team to arrive and construct the building in their usual swift and efficient manner. Of course, if you prefer for us to liaise with your own groundwork contractor, then we are happy to do so, as we always say 'Flexibility is our forte'.

From the humble garden shed for storing a few tools, or your new home office ready to start work, right through to the largest utility or farm building, our installation team are fast and efficient, but always retain an eye for detail and have pride in their work.

Once our installation team is on site, it certainly will not take long for your building to start taking shape, and before you know it, your brand new building will be up and ready for you to put it to use.

This is another option lined and insulated P.O.A